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    A Brief History About MSM30 Index:

    Muscat Securities Market 30 index has been launched in 1992. The number of companies included in the index sample has changed overtime to reach 30 companies currently, the best performing companies in terms of liquidity, market capitalization and profitability in the market. It was calculated based on total market capitalization weighting methodology. However, since July 1, 2009, the calculation methodology of MSM30 changed to free-float market capitalization. In addition, a 10% capping (CAP) is set to ensure wider representation of smaller companies in the index. It is worthymentioning that the base value of MSM30 index has been changed from 100 to 1000 points since 1st of June 2004. 

    MSM30 Objective:

    The main objective of  MSM 30 is to reflect, objectively and failry, the prices movement of the listed shares in the Market. 

    MSM30 Index Guide