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May 17, 2018 - 08:16AM Company : AL OMANIYA FINANCIAL SER.

Al Omaniya Financial Services SAOG is pleased to announce the distribution of interest warrant for the second six months ended 4 May 2018 on the unsecured compulsorily convertible Bonus Stock Bonds of RO 2,142.908.300 listed in 2017.  The coupon rate on these bonds is @ 4% per annum. 

All Bondholders or their representative are kindly requested to collect the interest warrants from the company’s Head Office located at MBD South Area, Ruwi during office hours from Thursday 17 May 2018.  Bondholders have to bring their National ID or an authorization letter to collect the cheques.


All uncollected warrants will be posted by mail after one week from this notice.


The company will transfer unclaimed interest warrants after a period of six months from the issue date to Investor’s Trust Fund with Muscat Clearing & Depository Co. SAOC.


The company has already taken necessary steps to transfer unclaimed interest warrants of earlier six months pertaining to all outstanding bonds to the Investors Trust Fund with Muscat Clearing & Depository Co. SAOC.


For any enquiries, please contact Mr. Braik Al Amri – Tel: 24724700/24724777