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Invitation to attend the second Ordinary ِAGM
Apr 17, 2018 - 02:43PM Company : AL HASSAN ENGINEERING

The Board of Directors of Al Hassan Engineering Company SAOG cordially invites all shareholders to attend the second Ordinary Annual General Meeting which will be held on Monday 30 / April /2018  at 11:00 am. at HO in al Wadi  al Kabir,  Muscat  Hall, to discuss the following agenda:


1. study and approve Board of Directors’ Report for the fiscal year ended 31.12.2017.

2. Study & approve Code of the Corporate Governance Report for the year ended 31.12.2017.

3. study and approve the auditors’ report, Balance Sheet & profit & loss accounts for the year ended 31.12.2017.

4. Approve sitting fees for the Board of Directors & subcommittees which were received by the Directors during the financial year ended 31.12.2017 & determine the sitting fees for the year ending 31.12.2018.

5. Update the AGM with transactions which the company performed with related parties during the year ended 31.12.2017 & approve the same.

6. Study & approve the transactions which will be performed by the company with related parties during the year ending 31.12.2018..

7. Update & approve AGM with amount paid for supporting social activities within the financial year ended 31.12.2017 & approve the same.

8- Study of the BOD’s proposal to allocate RO 50,000 during the fiscal year ending in 31/12/2018 to support community services and approve the same.

9- Appointment of the  current auditors for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2018 and determine their fees.

10 - Election of (3) members for the BODs (from / or non-shareholders) to fill vacant seats. Those wishing to nominate must fill in the nomination form prepared for this purpose and submit it to the company at least two working days prior to the AGM. If the candidate is a shareholder, according  to the Articles of Association of the Company he must  be the owner of (5000) shares at the date of the Assembly.

      In accordance with the Statute of the company, any shareholder has the right to authorize in writing any other person to attend the meeting and vote on the decisions taken on his behalf provided that the authorization should be on the authorization card issued by Muscat Clearing and Depository accompanying the call. the natural person must attach the authorization copy of the ID card for adults card, passport for women and minors who do not have an identity card, and a resident card or passport for non-Omanis. For legal person the authorization card must be signed by the authorizer and stamped by the company seal and accompanied by a copy of the certificate of registration in the commercial register and a model authorized signatories). Please come to the venue of the meeting(30 mins) ahead of time.

* In case of any queries please contact Mr. Ahmed al-Khuzai on phone number: 24810575 adapter 614,95334805