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     Invitation for the Annual General Meeting scheduled 30 March 2015

    Mar 02, 2015 09:04 AM

    Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting

    The Board of Directors of Oman United Insurance Company SAOG have the pleasure to inviting the honorable shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday 30th March 2015 at 4:30 pm in the company’s head office at Al-Khuwair to discuss the following agenda:


    1.       To consider and approve the Directors’ Report for the year ended 31st December 2014.

    2.       To study and approve the company’s Corporate Governance Report for the year ended 31st December 2014.

    3.       To study the Auditor’s Report and approve the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account for the financial year ended 31stDecember 2014.


    4.       To approve the proposal to distribute cash dividends of  22% of company capital i.e.  (22Bzs.) per share for the financial year ended 31st December 2014.

    5.       To ratify the sitting fees paid to the  board of directors and to the  board's subcommittees during the year ended 31/12/2014, and to determine and approve the sitting fees for the year 2015 (As attached).

    6.       To approve the proposed Board remuneration of RO.  49,000/-  (Rial Omani Forty Nine Thousand only) for the year 2014.

    7.       To notify the shareholders with the related party transactions during the year 2014 (As attached).

    8.       To approve the related party transactions which will be executed during the year 2015 (As attached).

    9.       To notify the shareholders with the social responsibility contribution of RO. 16,482 during 2014.

    10.    To  study the Board  proposal to allocate  RO. 30,000/-(Thirty Thousand) for social responsibility in the year 2015, and to approve the same.

    11.   To elect new board of directors (from shareholders and Non-shareholders). Anyone who wishes to nominate himself He / She shall fill the form prescribed for this purpose and submit it to the company within two days prior to the Annual General Meeting (on or before  Wenesday 25/3/2015). No forms will be accepted after this date. If the candidate is a shareholder, then and in accordance to the company’s article of association he / she is required to own one million Shares of the company at the annual general meeting date.

    12.     To appoint Statutory Auditors for the year 2015 and approve their fees.


    In accordance with the Company's Articles of Association, each shareholder is entitled to give a written proxy to another person to attend the meeting and vote on his/her behalf.

    Shareholders shall complete the proxy form which is enclosed with the invitation. Natural shareholders persons must sign the proxy form and enclose copies of their IDs. Female shareholders and underage shareholders who do not have IDs shall enclose copies of their passports with their proxy forms. Non-Omani shareholders shall enclose along with their completed proxy forms copies of their resident cards or copies of their passports. Proxy forms for corporate persons shall be stamped signed by their authorized signatories. Copies of registration documents with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry as well as their authorized signatories “sheets must be enclosed with their completed stamped and signed proxy forms.

    Shareholders and their proxies are requested to make themselves available at the venue of the meeting half an hour prior to the meeting time.


     For further information, please contact Mr. Maher Amin on phone No.24477314.


    Note: OUIC as SAOG Company should deposit the investors' funds unclaimed within a period of six months from its due date to the Investors' Trust Fund. Shareholders are advised to refer to the Muscat Clearance & Depository Company to enquire about any amounts due for them.

    There are some unclaimed dividends laying at  Investors' Trust Fund therefore shareholders are requested to refer to Muscat Clearance & Depository Company to collect their dividends.

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